Statement from Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre Regarding the Shortage of Children’s Pain Medication

November 03, 2022

Ottawa, ON – The Hon. Pierre Poilievre, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and the Official Opposition, released the following statement:

“For months, hard working moms and dads across Canada have been forced to watch as their children suffer in pain, because Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have failed to act on the national shortage of children’s pain medication.

“Desperate moms and dads are now having to choose between taking their sick kids to overcrowded emergency rooms, or crossing the border to the United States where there is no shortage of these basic medicines. American shelves are stocked. Canadian shelves are empty.

“The reality is that this has been an issue since the early days of summer. In August, Health Canada publicly acknowledged the crisis, and claimed they were working to resolve it. On October 5th, Conservative MPs wrote a letter to the Liberal Health Minister, Jean-Yves Duclos, who also acknowledged the problem, and claimed to be working on it. But still – months later – the crisis continues.

“As all moms and dads know, having a young child with a fever is a serious issue. But instead of offering help or working to find real solutions, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have ignored these scared and desperate moms and dads.

“Further delay is unacceptable.

“Yesterday, I called for an Emergency Debate on the shortage of children’s pain medicine. It was shut down. Conservatives will continue fighting for hard working moms and dads.

“If Justin Trudeau won’t prioritize this national shortage, Conservatives will. We will make sure Justin Trudeau’s Liberals understand the realities facing families, and answer to the parents who live in fear of the coming RSV and flu season.”