Tell Elizabeth May to Audit ArriveCan

On November 2nd, our Member of Parliament, Elizabeth May, voted against a motion to audit the federal government’s failed ArriveCAN app.

The ArriveCAN app was a 54 million dollar waste of taxpayers' money that cost the government 53.75 million more than it should have, invaded Canadians’ privacy, and was cited by many Canadian tourism leaders as a major factor in the last underperforming tourism season. 

Tourism is a major anchor of our local economy in Saanich Gulf Islands. But even after all local and provincial measures were removed, the Liberals kept up their federal mandates and roadblocks to tourists supporting our economy.

Canadians deserve answers on the failed ArriveCAN app, but Elizabeth May voted to help the Liberals cover up this latest scandal, putting her own favour with the Prime Minister ahead of the accountability and answers her constituents deserved.

Our riding deserves better than an MP who chooses to help cover up Liberal corruption. We deserve a representative who puts our community first. We deserve a Member of Parliament who is focused on what’s best for the residents of Saanich Gulf Islands.

We deserve better than Elizabeth May!

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