About SGI Conservatives

The Saanich-Gulf Islands Electoral District Association supports and promotes the principles, objectives and policies of the Conservative Party of Canada. We are your party, working for you here in our riding. Get involved, volunteer, drop us a line! 


Board of Directors - 2018

Saanich Gulf-Islands Executive Team


Suzanne Baril, Bill Boyce, Robert BoydDavid Busch, Felix Callazo, Micah Haince, Bruce Hallsor, Sean Kincross, Jules Kroeker, Ken Lindstein, Naomi Lindstein, Marilyn Loveless, Jack McClintock, Kiel Meausette, Deid Reimer, Donna Schurman, Dale Schuss, Nancy Slater, Dan Todd, Ryan Trelford, Joey Vaesen, Scott Van Alstine, Peri Van Alstine, Katrina Wittenberg



Links to some key party and EDA policy and constitution documents are provided below for ready reference: