About Our Riding


The Saanich-Gulf Islands Conservative EDA or Electoral District Association is the organization that represents the Conservative Party of Canada locally.

The EDA has important tasks to perform such as:

  1. Ensuring a unified local presence of Conservative Party supporters
  2. Participating in the development and promotion of Conservative Party policies
  3. Promoting the Conservative Party and building party membership
  4. Nominating and supporting a Conservative Party election candidate
  5. Fundraising to support locally and nationally, the Conservative Party of Canada including election fundraising.
  6. Developing and maintaining a local election readiness plan, and supporting the Conservative Party candidate during an election. 

Our District

SGI_map-251x300.gifThe Saanich Gulf Islands Electoral District covers approximately 504 square kilometers with a population of 115,724 (based on 2006 census data).  The number of registered voters on the final lists during the last election was 93,380 making Saanich-Gulf Islands one of the largest Electoral Districts in Canada. 

Federal electoral district boundaries were last revised following the release of the 2011 Census population numbers, which had led to an increase in the number of House of Commons seats from 308 to 338. The representation order that confirmed the new boundaries was made official on October 5, 2013. It will be in effect for a federal general election called any time after May 1, 2014. 

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