Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole announces climate change plan

April 15, 2021


Ottawa, ON – Today, the Hon. Erin O’Toole, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and the Official Opposition, unveiled the Conservative climate change plan. 

Recognizing the important role Canada has in combatting climate change, the comprehensive plan will achieve substantially the same emissions reductions by 2030 as the government's current plan, while creating jobs and growing the economy.

"Our plan takes swift action on climate change," said O'Toole. "Our plan trusts Canadian families to be part of the climate change plan. When compared to the Trudeau Carbon Tax, our plan is just as effective in emission reduction but vastly superior in preserving jobs and growing the Canadian economy."

The plan includes scrapping the federal carbon tax and working with the provinces to implement an innovative, national Personal Low Carbon Savings Account. This will maintain a price on carbon, without one penny going to the government, recognizing that Canadians are the ones who should be choosing the best way for them to live a greener lifestyle.

The plan includes several other measures, including:

  • Requiring automakers to sell more zero emission vehicles;
  • Lowering industrial emissions;
  • Increasing use of renewable natural gas; and
  • Implementing a low carbon fuel standard.

Independent analysis, conducted by Navius Research, found that the plan would be expected to achieve substantially the same emissions reductions as the government’s current plan in 2030, while resulting in a boost to jobs and the economy.

“We will fight climate change and protect the environment, but we won’t do it on the backs of hardworking Canadians,” said O’Toole.

Details on the Conservative plan to combat climate change can be found here.